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Roz Menton's love of things Southwestern is undoubtedly
"in her genes." "My mother is part Cherokee and my great, great grandfather was a Cherokee faith healer," says Roz. Her inspirations for Creative Southwestern Designs spring
"from that heritage, and from her years in Albuquerque " (before moving to Long Island). "We've lived everywhere, but Albuquerque was my favorite. The climate, the laid-back atmosphere, the scenery—I just loved it!"
Roz Menton Roz made her own jewelry as an art major in college;
she stopped for a while to raise three children but has now
returned to it and travels the country doing shows with her husband, Joe.  All other gemstones, including turquoise, lapis and hematite come a pin byRoz Mentondirectly from the Southwest and she is very careful to get authentic, quality stones. "I try to carry unique, one-of-a-kind items, in a wide price range."

HorsePeople August 1994



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